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nthVERSE interactive platform lets you influence decisions that sway the narrative and connect with characters in a profoundly personal way. It’s more than just storytelling, it’s vibrant living universes where stories unfold and you’re at the helm,  right in the action.

Ignite the imagination and bring narratives to life! Try it today.

In the nthVERSE, you’re not just a reader, you’re a part of the tale.


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Our storytelling nthVERSE bot currently lives in the Discord application. If you do not have access to Discord (free app) you can sign up here -> Discord Sign Up

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Upcoming Features

nthVERSE stories

Put yourself into one of our nthVERSEs and play through the tale.

CREATE A 10 Minute story

Need a fun story to read as a bedtime story for your son or daughter? or one for yourself while you are sitting on the subway? Put your family or friends names in the story and become the hero!

Create your own nthVERSE

Mash universes together, set a plot and some events and a catalyst, then play through as one of the characters!


Finished a story? you will be able to export your story as a book.


The Spektor music album has launched on all major streaming services. Check it out below and add your favorite track to a playlist.

Join Discord

If you don’t want to join the beta just yet, feel free to join our discord to discuss the project, music, ai,  and more!